Friday, March 31, 2006

Europe have started to protest the violated system!

At this time (Early afternoon Tuesday 28th March) it is clear that these protests have been much bigger than the 1.5 million who demonstrated throughout France on Saturday March 18, a largely non-working day.

For over five weeks now France has seen a mounting series of protests against Villepin’s CPE. The CPE, the “First Job Contract”, allows workers under 26 to be sacked without reason or warning during their first 24 months with any employer. While the first mobilisations started mainly amongst university students they have rapidly spread to school students and now both manual and white collar workers. March 28 was the fifth national day of protests.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Malaysian Youth and Students stood out agaisnt the war and occupation!

Last year, there were only around 500 participants in the annual anti-war protest. The crowd was treated by chemical-laced water cannon though it was a peaceful assembly. 19 police reports were lodged against the then Cheras OCPD, ACP Mohd Noor. He was eventually transfered to other department.

One year after the incident, the people do not succumb to the pressure given by the authority. Instead, more protestors attended the anti-war protest held on last Sunday. Besides, the number of students involved in the anti-war protest this year largely increased too.

This year, the police was comparatively professional. They were willing to negotiate. No untoward incident happened in the protest. Once again, this has proven that public assemblies can be held in very peaceful manner if there is no provocation from the authority.

Below is the Anti-War Declaration read in the assembly:

Kuala Lumpur Anti-War Declaration - 19 March 2006

LIES, LIES and more LIES from the US and its Allies in their so-called "war against terror" causing untold deaths, destruction and misery. It has been THREE YEARS since the US and its Allies committed war of aggression against Iraq starting 20 March 2003. The invasion and continuing occupation of Iraq is an act that reaffirms the imperialist ambitions of the US, an act that defies international law, the United Nations, the worldwide anti-war protests and the will of the Iraqi people. The "war against terror" far from making the world a safer place, is making the world more and more unsafe. It fuels more wars, terrorism, deaths, destruction, Islamophobia, intolerance, hatred and the lowering of human rights standards.

It is already well-established that the Iraq war in reality has nothing to do with bringing "freedom and democracy" to Iraq. In 2004, medical journal the Lancet stated that more than 100,000 civilian Iraqis have been killed. Many more are killed on a daily basis. Thousands more are detained without trial in Iraq and many hundreds more in Guantanamo Bay. Torture and humiliation go hand in hand in these detentions.

As was the case in the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq is for the US to gain access to Iraq's oil and to strengthen its hegemony in the Middle East region by establishing a pro-US regime in Iraq, just as it did in Afghanistan. The US practices double standards; one set of standards for the US, its Allies and Israel, and another set of standards for Iraq, Palestine, Iran and any country that stands up to the US or its interests. The US Government is immoral, unrepentant and unrelenting. The US now plots for war against Iran.

The liberation of Iraq from US occupation and the accountability of the perpetrators are crucial to building global justice, the rule of law and a more equitable world. Their struggle is our struggle.

We condemn the continuing occupation
, the use of torture, the lawlessness, the deaths and destruction and the absence of human rights standards in Iraq. We condemn all attacks anywhere on innocent civilians. We support the legitimate right of the people of Iraq to resist the occupation by all means necessary. We oppose the attempt by the US to legitimise its occupation through the setting up of a pro-US regime in Iraq.

We demand that the US and its Allies be held accountable for crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression and be prosecuted under international law.

Immediately and unconditionally withdraw from Iraq now!


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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Third Anniversary of the War and Occupation of Iraq

March 18 & 19 - International Days of Action Against the War






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