Sunday, February 19, 2006

Students taking orders from party leaders

Students taking orders from party leaders
Feb 16, 06 3:20pm

I wish to comment on the reply from Wan Mohd Firdaus, as chairman of UKEC (United Kingdom Executive Committee for Malaysian Students), on accusations of non-independence of the student body.

It is gratifying to know that he takes his position seriously and endeavours to steer clear of partisan politics. However, the real situation in UK is just an extension of what is happening in Malaysia. The blame lies in the political leaders and their narrow policies and the civil servants carrying out their stated duties, some being over-zealous.

First of all, I challenge the government in denying that some of the students in UK, as well as anyway else where it is deemed necessary, are acting as spies for the Special Branch.

The Malaysian Students Department in the UK, besides carrying out its normal duties, also tries to control the activities of Malaysian students, for example, when they are organising seminars involving personalities deemed unsuitable, for example, Anwar Ibrahim. In spite of him being described as irrelevant, wherever he went to, an alternate event was held to prevent the students from attending his, with warnings too. It was wasteful when coaches provided by the government for prescribed events go about almost empty.

It is a fact that for those under government or government-linked scholarships, they will be told to refrain from organising, or even attending, events involving opposition leaders.

The MSD, being under the Malaysian High Commission in UK, oversees all the Malaysian Students’ Societies in the universities, polytechnic and colleges. By taking orders from the ruling party leaders accustomed to their narrow objectives of using government funds for their own objectives, is it any wonder that any student body making use of its facilities is seen to be non-independent especially in this case, involving MCA!

To be truly independent, UKEC has to avoid making use of any facilities involving Umno, MCA or MIC. Otherwise, nothing is going to change the fact that the government has double standards when dealing with students under UUCA. (Subscribe and read full article in malaysiakini)

Friday, February 17, 2006



Malaysian becomes a refugee in their own country: Oppression by Minister of Selangor State Government

Because of the Minister of Selangor State declared Selangor State as an advanced state, now 4 families from Kampung Pinggiran Sungai becomes the new victims.

20 residents have to be exposed to the sun and rain everyday. It is because their houses are demolished by the cruel action of Ampang Jaya Local Council (Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya) on 14/02/2006 at 10 o’clock in the morning. There is no home replacement for the people, so that they have to build camps to live.

Women and children (the youngest is only 3 year-old) have to live under the sun and rain without a proper house. When there is raining, there will be wet and difficult for children to rest.

When the residents contact the member of a Local legislative assembly (ADUN), Dato' Ahmad bin Bujang because the Local Government (Local Council) arrived their village and want to demolish the houses, Dato' Ahmad bin Bujang told the people, “Leave they alone, if they want to demolish the houses, throw the residents with the woods together to the river.” This is the manner of our member of a local legislative assembly.

Anyway, the people still not yet give up and they will keep their struggling to get back their houses.

If you want to give any support, please go to Kampung Pinggiran Sungai, Jalan Keramat AU3, Ulu Klang.

You can also contact Mr. Zul -0123279076.

Translation from Malay Language#

Keghairahan Menteri Besar Selangor, dalam mengisytiharkan Selangor sebagai negeri maju berterusan dengan menjadikan 4 keluarga Kampung Pinggiran Sungai, mangsa terbaru beliau.

Seramai 20 orang penduduk merana dibawah panas dan hujan di Kampung Pinggiran Sungai akibat tindakan kejam Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya yang telah merobohkan rumah mereka dengan kejamnya pada 14/02/2006 pada pukul 10.00 pagi. Tiada rumah alternatif ditawarkan kepada mereka. Maka kerana tiada pilihan lain, mereka terus tinggal di kampong tersebut dengan berteduhkan khemah yang bocor sahaja.

Wanita dan kanak-kanak kecil ( termuda 3 bulan sahaja) tiada tempat berteduh dari hujan dan panas terik. Apabila hujan, kawasan khemah mereka terus basah dan tiada tempat untuk kanak-kanak kecil berlindung.

Apabila para penduduk menghubungi ADUN kawasan tersebut, Dato' Ahmad bin Bujang apabila MPAJ sampai disaa untuk merobohkan rumah mereka, ADUN bercakap, "biarkan sahaja, kalau nak roboh nak campak sekali mereka ke sungai pun biarkan". Inilah sikap wakil rakyat kerajaan Menteri Besar Selangor .

Walaubagaimanapun, penduduk tidak lemah semangat. Mereka telah bertekad, akan terus berjuang untuk mendapatkan rumah alternative. Rumah yang diroboh akan dibina kembali dalam
Sekiranya anda ingin meberi sokongan solidari sila ke Kampung Pinggiran Sungai, Ulu Klang.

Kampung Pinggiran Sungai, Jalan Keramat AU3, Ulu Klang
Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi En. Zul -0123279076.

72B, Taman Sri Langat, off Jalan Reko, 43000 Kajang
Tel/Fax: 03-87370766

Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

New year 8 wishes:

1. No water and health care privatization.

2. The price of goods decrease.

3. The price of petrol will not increase.

4. Abolish TOLL.

5. Ministries will not corrupt.

6. No more police brutality.

7. Press Freedom!!!

8. No economy crisis.